• Hybrid architecture DSP
  •  48 KHz sampling, 40 bit floating point engine
  •  16 x 16 I/O matrix
  •  Dante enabled network audio transport
  •  8 AES/EBU inputs – 8 AES/EBU outputs
  •  Ethernet connectivity and control
  •  Maximum latency 3 ms
  •  Easy to use software GUI
DX 1616 AES-Dante remote software. This network-based software designed for Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX allows the management of the DX 1616 Matrix Sound Processor. -Pre-Amp configuration, selecting source types like analog, AES/EBU, Dante -Designing Input groups for festival applications -Input source processing with EQ, delay and compressor -Powerful 16×16 router to assign processing tasks to flexible output patches.