• High efficiency
  •  Six 5″ woofers and four 1″ dome tweeters
  •  Controlled dispersion
  •  Speech enhancer filter
  •  LICC (Low Impedance Compensated Crossover)
  •  Tweeters protection circuit
  •  Built-in wall mounting accessories to
  •  200W at 8 Ohm; 60W line transformer included
The L2406-T is a full range high intelligibility compact 3 way column speaker array with vertical controlled directivity for medium to large size installations.
It is equipped with six 5″ woofers and four 1″ dome tweeters mounted in front of the two central woofers. This particular design permits coherent sound dispersion minimizing lobing in a very compact enclosure.
The two central woofers are controlled differently from the other four because of the tweeters in front of them, in order to improve the directivity providing a true cardioid column operation.The wide coverage horizontal angle and the controlled vertical dispersion allow correct sound reproduction serving a wide area and assistance in limiting feedback and reverberated sound. A speech filter can be activated for enhancing the voice frequencies and improving speech intelligibility. The crossover is designed to avoid secondary lobing creation. Mounting accessories are provided and are designed to keep the column as close as possible to the wall and simplify the installation allowing suitable tilting. The L2406-T can be used connected to a low impedance amplifier to handle 200 W RMS power. It also includes a 60 W line transformer for 100 V systems. The crossover is equipped with a circuit to protect the four 1″ dome tweeters.