•  Two way Bass reflex speaker for music reproduction
  •  Speaker composed by 5″ woofer 5″ and 2 x 1″ dome tweeter
  •  Max output power 120 W
  •  Bypass configuration input 16 Ω, output power 60 W RMS
  •  30W – 20W – 10W – 5W output power for 100 V line
  •  15W – 10W – 5W – 2,5W output power for 70 V line
  •  2600 Hz crossover frequencies with attenuation 12/12 dB/oct
  •  Dynamic Protection on woofer and tweeter
The MQ60H is a wall mount monitor speaker designed to guarantee uniform coverage of a large area in order to limit the number of speakers and therefore the installation points.
It is a two-way speaker with three transducers: the 5“ woofer and the two horn-loaded dome tweeters with constant directivity are positioned in such a way as to ensure the maximum listening comfort within the area covered. Installation is carried out in two phases: first, you mount the support on the wall and make the electrical connections; when all the works are completed, you insert the speaker and make a quick connection.